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Holm | Bambace, LLP is a full-service litigation firm offering our clients representation in disputes concerning several areas of law.   We are trial lawyers first; however, our experience in the courtroom often lends itself to delivering high quality representation in advising and representing clients in transactional matters as well as arbitrations, mediations, and administrative hearings.
Although we are fully capable of handling most matters, below is a list of areas in which we maintain an active practice.

If your legal issue does not conform to the above list or any of the practice area descriptions found below, please contact our office.  If we are not able to assist you, we may be able to direct you to some of our colleagues who specialize in the area with which you need help.

Business and Commercial Related Litigation:
The firm represents individuals and businesses in various business related litigation including, claims for breach of contract, misrepresentation, DTPA claims, breach of fiduciary duties, real estate disputes, trade secrets, fraud, interference with present and prospective contracts, and other business disputes.
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Construction Industry Related Litigation
The firm represents developers, construction companies, contractors, and sub-contractors in various construction and contract related litigation.  We regularly handle disputes concerning delays, labor inefficiencies, payment, materials, construction defects, payment bonds, performance bonds, foreclosure of mechanics liens, and defective design.
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Employment Related Matters:
The firm represents individuals, businesses, and associations in various employment related matters.  Our employment law practice focuses on contracts related to employment and disputes that may arise during the course of employment.  These matters often include the drafting of employment contracts, employment manuals, human resource policies, and support materials.  In addition to our employment counseling, the firm’s attorneys also handle employment related litigation including wrongful termination, retaliatory discharge, whistleblower actions, and wrongful denial of employment or unemployment benefits, claims of discrimination, harassment, and breach of employment contracts.  The firm also works closely with clients to ensure their compliance with numerous state and federal employment laws, including the Texas Staff Leasing Act, ADA, FMLA, Civil Rights Acts, FLSA, and we often dispute charges filed with the Texas Human Rights Commission, EEOC, and OSHA. 
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Insurance Related Litigation:
The firm often represents individuals and businesses pursuant to their insurance policies.  Holm | Bambace LLP has numerous insurance related clients in which we defend and prosecute lawsuits for subrogation, personal injury, business, professional errors and omissions, premises liability, transportation litigation, and construction related litigation.  The firm also provides coverage advice with regard to insurance and re-insurance policies.
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Medical Malpractice and Medical Device Defense:
The firm represents individuals, doctors, dentists, entrepreneurs, businesses, health care institutions, and associations in litigation involving the health care industry.  These disputes include claims for medical malpractice, claims made under the Texas Tort Claims Act, medical device litigation including: product defects and defective warnings and/or instructions, and contractual issues.
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Oil & Gas Related Litigation:
The firm represents individuals, businesses, and trusts in disputes concerning oil and gas production, contracts, and mineral rights.  These disputes include claims for underpayment of royalties, royalty and title disputes, breach of joint operating agreements, farm-out agreements, purchase agreements, and breach of fiduciary duties which may arise. 
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Personal Injury Litigation:
The firm represents individuals, businesses, and associations in lawsuits involving personal injuries.  Personal Injury lawsuits include claims that arise from automotive and trucking accidents, product defects and/or products liability claims, industrial accidents, fires, explosions, injuries occurring during the course of work on offshore platforms, barges, construction sites, dog bite cases, and injuries occurring on residential and business premises.
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Property and Casualty Losses:
The firm represents individuals, businesses, associations, and insurance companies in disputes involving property and casualty losses.  These matters often include property damage as a result of fire, water damage, third-party negligence, strict liability, business interruption, business delays, and defects in workmanship.  The firm will often seek reimbursement, subrogation and indemnity on behalf of its clients for property and casualty losses.
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Professional Liability:
The firm represents individuals, businesses, and associations in disputes involving the errors and omissions of professionals.  These claims often include claims made by and against doctors, dentists, nurses, health care professionals, engineers, architects, brokers, real estate professionals, and lawyers.
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Transportation Related Litigation, including Trucking and Maritime Injuries:
The firm represents individuals, businesses, and associations with regard to personal injuries that occur as a result of automotive, tractor-trailer, 18-Wheeler, and maritime accidents.  Maritime related injuries include personal injuries which occur while an individual is working at sea, on an oil platform, on a barge, on a ship, and/or in the course of delivering goods and/or services on the water.

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